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Virtual Tour Video 1: Welcome to the Virtual Tour of our newly redesigned & improved website. This introduction video will provide you with a general overview of the new look & feel of our "new" interface, and also provide you with info about the new features & functions of our site. Be sure to watch the additional videos, that will explain, in more detail, how to use the new features.


The Video Slider

Virtual Tour Video 2: This video, will demonstrate the new Video Slider feature, here on our "Landing Page," and help you to understand its use to navigate between the six (6) additional instructional videos in the series.


The Mega Menu

Virtual Tour Video 3: This video, will demonstrate the new Mega Menu feature, and help you to understand its use & how to navigate to various pages throughout our entire site.


Revised Forms (Part 1)

Virtual Tour Video 4: While the forms we use here on our site are basically unchanged, some of the form fields may have been modified slightly, for "functional" purposes. This video will review the PROPER use of forms & how to navigate through them correctly, including the "New" reCaptcha feature.


Revised Forms (Part 2)

Virtual Tour Video 5: This is the second part of our tour of the various online forms on our site, and includes a preview of our new online credit card processing feature.


Online Payments

Virtual Tour Video 6: Our newest feature, is our ability to accept online credit card payments, to provide you with the convenience of submitting your payment digitally and securely, without the need to write a check & mail it to us. This instructional video is an extremely important one, so please review it carefully, since errors can be costly. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly.


Our Home Page

Virtual Tour Video 7: One of our newest features is our new Video Landing page, here, where you arrived when you logged onto our site, but we've retained our Home Page as well. There is a distinct difference between them. The main difference on our Home Page is the main "Slider." In this video we'll take a look at this feature, as well as the smaller slider that appears on many of the other page layouts.


Extra Features

Virtual Tour Video 8: Most of our page layouts contain additional features, so in this video we'll take a look at the "News Ticker," the main "Info Boxes," and the "News Boxes." Each has a different purpose & function, so take a look & enjoy yourself.



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About Our School

This information contained in this box is linked to the History Page, of our web site. Information is provided about the rich History of St. Philip Basilica High School & our connection with the basilica. Read more...

About Our Alumni

The information contained in this box, is linked to further information about the St. Philip Basilica High School Gaels Alumni Association, its activities & "How to communicate directly with us." Read more...

Annual Alumni Banquet

The information contained in this box is linked to our Annual Banquet page, with information about our upcoming Annual Banquet, always held on the First Friday in May of each year. Read more...

What's New?

Describe the photo or the page it links to

Generally, our entire site is "NEW," with a new look, feel & features that will help enhance your experience, and provide you with "NEW" things you can accomplish. Watch this section for further information about New "Features" & "Functions," that we we will be adding to the site, from time to time. It will be your first "look" at out latest inclusions.

All photo galleries have been updated, with all pictures we have available from previous banquets. The Guestbook has also been updated.

This year's banquet is rapidly approaching. Remember, ALWAYS the First Friday in May. This year, Friday, May 1, 2020.

Current News

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The Current News content, in this box will be updated as necessary, to include information about current and upcoming events that may be of interest to you. Check back often to keep current with what is happening with the Gaels Alumni.

Upcoming Events

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The Upcoming Events content in this box, will include news about any upcoming events that are planned for the future. You will be provided, here, with relevant information about our Annual Banquet & any actions directed by our alumni.

Our last banquet, held on Friday, May 3, 2019, was again very successful, with more then 100 attendees. Our next banquet will be held, as always, on the First Friday in May, this year on Friday, May 1, 2020. Read more...

Welcome to the "NEW" St. Philip Basilica High School Gaels Alumni Association Online!

To all of our fellow alumni, family & friends of St. Philip Basilica High School of Chicago, Illinois, we extend our sincere welcome to our "New" & "Improved" alumni association website.

When our school closed, at the end of the 1969-70 academic year, we were left with a huge void. We no longer had a school or school administration to supplement our communication efforts & our needs as alumni, to freely associate with our classmates. We had nowhere to seek out information, or each other.

Fortunately, the Brennan brothers, Tom, '35 & Jack, '53, along with others who helped maintain contact with their own classmates, had already developed, at least a mailing list of some alumni, who had previously been active with the alumni association. Tom & Jack continued, throughout the many years that passed, to continuously increase the size of their list & continued to maintain contact, to the best of their ability, with those that were on it.

Throughout the nearly 45 years, since 1970, the brothers, and their associates, kept our alumni association alive through our Annual Alumni Banquet, held each spring, as a traditional "male only" reunion type event, since our school was an "all male" student-body institution.

Tom Brennan passed away in 1999, and Jack found himself running things on his own, without the benefit of the many technological & Internet tools that are available to us, today.

Since 2003, we've maintained a continuous internet presence, using an old "legacy" formatted design, that was quite adequate for our early needs, yet lacking today, in the many additional features & functions, that our members expressed as desirable.

In 2005, we obtained our own web address (URL) and associated email address. It was then, and continues to be, our hope to continue expanding our site, as our primary source of communication with our fellow alumni, families and friends, no matter where in the world they might be located.

In order to take full advantage of the newest HTML5 standards, we've now completed updating to our new web site design, which has actually been a long time in coming, and has required many long hours, days, weeks and even months to develop, but is now a reality, with many new features that help to enhance its appearance, as well as the many new functions that have been included.

We truly hope that you enjoy what you see, with our new appearance, and we also hope that you find it much easier to navigate around the site & find what you seek.

Please be sure to watch the instructional videos above, for assistance in learning how to use the various features and functions of the site. Don't forget to visit our guestbook, to view the many messages from classmates, that have been entered over these past years, and then leave your own message, to be included in the guestbook.

You should also check the "Info Boxes," above and to the left of this content, for news & information about past, current & future events, as well as newly added information about our school, and our alumni association, our continued activities & our annual alumni banquet.

If you have any questions, or wish to make any comments, criticisms, suggestions, or provide us with additional information about our school & its history, to be added to our site, we'd certainly like to hear from you. Please use our Contact Form, to express whatever you wish, or communicate with us by email at [email protected] . We hope you enjoy your visit, and come back again, often.

Security Security: For both security & privacy reasons, no information provided via any online forms, contained on this site, is retained or stored anywhere on this web site or on our server. We respect your privacy & have taken painstaking steps to protect it. All information required & entered in any of our online forms, is immediately transferred & delivered directly to our secure & encrypted email, where it is then entered into our secure, encrypted & remote database. This policy includes all information that is ordinarily and freely available elsewhere on the Internet. Please see our Privacy Policy.

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