Lost & Found

St. Philip Basilica High School Gaels Alumni Association

Lost & Found

You may use the form below, to report contact information about an alumni that you have located, or about youself, if you've been out of touch with us.

Still Alive & Kickin'

Although our school has been closed, since 1970, our alumni association is now, and has been alive and functional throughout the years.

The early years...

This image, reflects the early years of Our Lady of Sorrows Church, which we were associated with throughout our history.

OLS Interior

The beautiful, ornate interior of Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica was both moving & inspirational.

OLS National Shrine

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows, was our "special" place of comfort & reflection.

St. Philip High School

Our school has a long & proud heritage, dating back to 1904, when the Servite Fathers established a school for boys, at the rear of the monastery & adjacent to the church.

St. Philip High School

The school building was finally ready in 1910, and opened its doors for the first time. Our school building (shown here), stayed with us throughout the years, until its closing in 1970.

St. Philip High School

The St. Philip High School building still stands today, at 3141 West Jackson Boulevard, just as it did when we attended. After the closing, in 1970, it was first occupied by OLS Elementary School & then a charter school.

Gaels Athletics

The Gaels, early in their history, were members, of the Cook County League, for only one year, and captured the league's 1911 baseball championship, before the league dissolved.

The CCL baseball title, was vacated, due to the use of 1911 players, (shown here), some of whom were also professionals.

Annual Banquet

Each year, the alumni association conducts an gathering of faculty, staff, former students, sons & friends of St. Philip Basilica High School, to renew & foster the continued camaraderie we've all enjoyed throughout the years.


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About Our School

This information contained in this box is linked to the History Page, of our web site. Information is provided about the rich History of St. Philip Basilica High School & our connection with the basilica. Read more...

About Our Alumni

The information contained in this box, is linked to further information about the St. Philip Basilica High School Gaels Alumni Association, its activities & "How to communicate directly with us." Read more...

Annual Alumni Banquet

The information contained in this box is linked to our Annual Banquet page, with information about our upcoming Annual Banquet, always held on the First Friday in May of each year. Read more...

What's New?

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All photo galleries have been updated, with all pictures we have available from previous banquets. The Guestbook has also been updated.

This year's banquet is rapidly approaching. Remember, ALWAYS the First Friday in May. This year, Friday, May 1, 2020.

Current News

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Upcoming Events

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The Upcoming Events content in this box, will include news about any upcoming events that are planned for the future. You will be provided, here, with relevant information about our Annual Banquet & any actions directed by our alumni.

Our last banquet, held on Friday, May 3, 2019, was again very successful, with more then 100 attendees. Our next banquet will be held, as always, on the First Friday in May, this year on Friday, May 1, 2020. Read more...

Lost & Found Report Form

To report a "lost" gael, or reconnect yourself with us, please use the following form to provide the appropriate contact information, so that we can update our records. (This form may also be used to report the death of a Brother Gael)

Each and every year, we struggle to maintain contact with all of our brother Gaels, but regardless of our efforts, the task is next to impossible, without the help of those with whom we are able to keep in touch.

Since the inception of our web site, we've actually been able to re-connect with some alums we thought were long-lost, but never forgotten.

If you are among those Gaels who have not been receiving our annual banquet notices, either by email or USPS "snail-mail," then please use the form below to provide us with your accurate contact information, so we can restore you to our list.

Likewise, if you are currently on our list, and know of a brother Gael who hasn't been receiving our communications, or who has been lost, even to you, and now is found again, please use this form to provide us with their accurate contact information, for future communications.

Please complete ALL fields.

If any answer is none, please enter "NONE" in the field, except Middle Initial, enter "NMI." If the information required is not known, please enter "UNKNOWN" in the appropriate field. We require as much contact information as is possible to update our records & reconnect with this alumnus. Comments may be left blank.

Please tell us about the Gael you are providing information for.

I've been lost and need to find my way home!
I found this "lost" Gael and need to help him find his way home!
Class Year
  First Name
  Middle Initial
  Last Name
  Apt., Unit, Suite, C/O, etc.
  Home Phone
  Work Phone
  Mobile Phone
  Primary Email
  Secondary Email

Please enter any additional information you may have.

Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.

Security Security: For both security & privacy reasons, no information provided via any online forms, contained on this site, is retained or stored anywhere on this web site or on our server. We respect your privacy & have taken painstaking steps to protect it. All information required & entered in any of our online forms, is immediately transferred & delivered directly to our secure & encrypted email, where it is then entered into our secure, encrypted & remote database. This policy includes all information that is ordinarily and freely available elsewhere on the Internet. Please see our Privacy Policy.

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